3 Ways to Virtually ‘Marie Kondo’ Your Condo

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  1. Great points on filling in the spaces to visualize based on buyers preference. We fall in love with what we can see, not everyone has a great imagination, but if the client can see it, they can love it. Great post, thanks!

  2. Great ideas for tidying up a home and giving it a brand-new feel.

  3. Annie

    These are some great points. Love the change after visual declutter. Sometimes, it is the simple changes that will make the most effect.

  4. Rebecca Balboni

    Anybody see the potential for misrepresentation here?

  5. Love the post! I am a big fan of de-cluttering and Marie Kondo. I actually referred to her in my blog today . I guess we are all in Spring clearing and cleaning mode.


  6. I LOVE Marie Kondo! I try to get all my sellers to watch her show before paring down for the home stager.