The Hottest Paint Colors of 2019

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  1. As we move towards a New Year, these tips will surely come in handy in giving us a headstart.

  2. Nik Kulikov

    Do you have any stats on how a new paint job can increase your homes value? Both interior and exterior.

  3. Pete Dolci

    When your home has a fresh coat of paint it increases the buyers enjoying that they do not have to. When you paint the inside always make sure they are neutral or calm colors. This brightens the home and pleases buyers.
    Now they have nothing to complain about to lower the price.
    So listing the home on the high side is now practical.

  4. Hi Nik – This is a 2012 study from HomeGain that may have some useful data to you on the payback of a new paint job:

    To sum up, painting the interior could offer a 107 percent return on investment. It costs, on average, about $967, but could boost the value by $2,001, according to this study. The link above has data on ROIs for the exterior too.
    Hope this helps!
    Melissa Tracey

  5. It’s still all about the gray for me!! We painted the interior of most of our home in a couple shades of gray three years ago and still love it. Painting not only can provide a higher overall value it also has the potential to decrease your days on the market as well.

  6. We are also going with grays this year, for almost the entire house. It is a great neutral color that compliments almost all furnishings and decor. For Sellers, a light gray is a wonderful neutral color to get your home ready for market.