8 Home Projects with a High ROI

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  1. There is generally not a home renovation project that provides a higher ROI than an updated kitchen

  2. I agree with Brett, Kitchen is the #1, Bath #2. In our area, an entertaining backyard (big or small) has a good ROI.

  3. Fran W. Hoover

    This is great info; however, totally misses what’s important to our state of Texas and I would guess a good bit of the Southeast. In our area there is no such thing as a roof costing an average of $6,000. How about $30K? We don’t have basements, etc.
    Could we not be more general with our articles . . . or have articles that are ‘area of the country’ specific? Thanks.

  4. Having a remodeled bathroom makes a high ROI to your investment.

  5. I suggest we do not make the mistake of going overboard when it comes to staging.

  6. Home inspection kills the deal so major repairs must definitely be a top priority. Other enhancements will follow.