That Small Backyard Can Still Be a Selling Point

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  1. Melissa,

    I hope you don’t mind but I posted this article on my Facebook page. It struck a cord with me because I never have a problem decorating my home but when it comes to the yard I’m at a total loss. Thank you for your ideas, I’m not sure how adventuous I’ll become but at least I have a start.

    Dee McNutt, Realtor
    JB Goodwin Realtors

  2. Hi Dee – Thanks for sharing the article! And best of luck in your own yard decorating endeavors! 🙂
    -Melissa Tracey

  3. I’ve found a lot of buyers these days PREFER small yards: it means less work, and most people in the younger generation seem to prefer gardening in small pots rather than actually getting their knees dirty in a yard. And especially in the ‘first home’ condo / townhouse / etc. niche, small yards are a biiiiig selling point. Easy to decorate, easy to maintain, and you’ve still got some green space!

  4. I think people are more interested in how they can “use” their backyard as opposed to the size. Since we now consider outdoor areas as an extension of our indoor space, smaller is better.

  5. The small gardens seem all the more inviting and intimate. Great inspirations!

  6. Inspiring photos of greens. A must have in every home!

  7. You can never go wrong when you use plants for staging. Perfect for any design concept.

  8. The last two photos are awesome! Thank you for the tips!

  9. Great selling point! There’s positive impression the moment a buyer enters the property.

  10. All these will surely be favorite spots!

  11. rune plants so they’re more vertical than horizontal, training them to grow up rather than out. Also, consider creating a vertical wall of planters, like containers of ornamental grasses. You can also raise plant height by several feet using retaining walls, raised beds, or extra long, slender containers.

  12. Backyards are one of the biggest things that can appeal to buyers who want to go green. And actually, you can never go wrong with an eco-friendly home.