Make That Home Greener: Energy-Efficient Mortgages

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  1. Green homes are the new rage, especially low VOC compounds. Our 5 year old daughter got sick from the rug we purchased online because of the off-gasing. I wouldn’t buy another home with new carpet without knowing the details behind it.

  2. I’ve been closing EEM loans for years. They are great and allow homebuyers and homeowners ( who are refinancing) , to upgrade their homes and live in energy efficient , healthy and more comfortable homes. The housing stock in California is old, and adding an EEM to your mortgage will help you improve your homes comfort and increase its energy efficiency. I also help my client take advantage of rebates offered by Energy Upgrade California. The more you know about EEM’s , the more you will love them.

  3. It feels amazing to know how much we can save, how much we can contribute and how we can have a healthier lifestyle.

  4. Yes, there are simpler and more realistic ways to go greener.

  5. Nice tips! Just dusting the back of your fridge saves energy.

  6. The significant savings and the boost in a home’s resale value are just some of the incentives! Still feels good to contribute to sustainability.

  7. Thank you for educating your readers. We should understand more the concept of green homes.

  8. Great post! I’m sure we can still add more to the list of things to go green.