Smart Staging Solutions for the Owner Occupied House

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  1. Great article Julea! Many homeowners believe they have to remove all their household items in order for it to sell. In fact, I tell homeowners it will probably cost less to stage their home using their items (or a few new ones) versus renting items.
    The hardest part is keeping the kids toys at bay. I tell homeowners to let the kids pick out the toys they cannot live without (within reason) and pack the rest away at an off-site storage site.

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  5. Sienna

    Excellent advice on how to be ready to show immediately. I’d also recommend the article The “house itself” advice is pretty much the same, but it also adds some good tips on how to take care of yourself and family in the staging process, such as “moving out mentally” and always having “to go” bags ready for everyone with snacks, water, books, etc. for when your agent wants you to step out.

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