Top 10 Stupid Staging Ideas

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  1. Justin, Thank you for posting this. I have always frowned upon the cookie idea. True, we need to engage the senses but everyday pleasant aromas will do fine. what if some is watching their weight and cookies are a trigger??? If people simply focus on highlighting the homes purpose and features without smoke and mirrors, they will have more success.

  2. Justin, I’ve written many articles on stupid staging tricks over the years and I really appreciated your humorous take on this topic. Totally agree with your points and I’ll be sharing this article with my community of home stagers.

  3. Great Article! I’m glad someone had the courage to say it all.

    As a Design Consultant and Staging Specialist, I employ the Art of Diplomacy (per Dr. Ivan Misner, defined as; “Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way. You need to note that this saying is about collaboration, not manipulation”).

  4. Great article.

    One of my “favorite” misconceptions about merchandising a property for sale is…

    “My custom made, taste specific drapes will help sell the property because they were so expensive!”

  5. Good article. Forget the smells TOTALLY! Forget the drapes they hold dust, mold and other items. Keep the place open and bright! Clean and clean. Get rid of all the junk and little statues. Get rid of personal pictures. In other words MINIMALIST is the way to go. Not bare. But open and clean. As a buyer do YOU wish to walk into a heavily burdened home?

  6. I agree that cooking cookies doesn’t work, but I also think that if the seller has been a smoker that smell has to be removed by any means possible. I liked almost all of your ideas about staging. . I have been real estate for 48 years. Staging was always something I encourage home sellers to do!
    I found many of the tips you offered as new to me.

  7. Staging is another highly misunderstood tool that most sellers do not use properly but a good stager can be a seller and a Realtor’s best friend.

  8. Excellent article and way to tell it like it is! I just wish you had added cardboard furniture masquerading as real furniture to your list of stupid staging ideas. Great job!

  9. Couldn’t agree with this article more. As the owner of a company that rents staging furniture and accessories we see a lot of homeowners who try to stage themselves. Hire an experienced stager who is educated in the principles of staging for a polished and complete look every time.

  10. Susan Crema-Martin

    Great article, so many points for people to understand about our “job”.
    I would love to add virtual staging to the list as well.

  11. Thank you for sharing. Many sellers will see the stagers’ point of view.