Buyers Say They Want This in their Home’s Kitchen….

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  1. Great article. All buyers want new appliances and granite. What is interesting in these results is such a high percentage did not settle for less.

  2. Great article. The kitchen is the best place to put money when remodeling or updating. Clearly it helps to sell your home.

  3. Quite a Good Observation. Price Points are important; the Quality one wants and gETs is critical.


  4. So True! Every buyer I work with conveys that very same message. In fact, having worked with the owner’s of Grand Kitchen & Bath, Julie and Richard, have confirmed that with the increase of home sales, their business has seen a spike within the last year due to people investing heavily in kitchen upgrades and/or remodeling. Is that why the majority of buyers seek out the kitchen first?

  5. Kitchen island – one of the most popular requests from people I work with.

  6. Rob

    Hi peeps, is there any good kitchen blogs about? I’m looking in to buying a new kitchen and could do with a where to go and where not to go. Ta

  7. Surprised to see such a high percentage of people that actually got the kitchen they wanted.

  8. Kitchen is the most important part of our home and investing in its remodeling is not a bad idea. With a good design we can give our kitchen a perfect look making it the most happening place of our home.

  9. As kitchen is the most important part of home so we need to make it look great. Use good quality countertops, appliances, flooring to make it better. Thanks for sharing the blog.

  10. Still a big yes at present! Truly the heart of the home.

  11. Usually, the kitchen is the primary selling point of a home. These tips are helpful in making it more appealing to buyers.