The Importance of Lighting and Putting Your Listings in the Best Light

By Sharon Brown, Homescapes by Design

Don’t forget lighting updates when planning to sell. From front door lighting to bathroom fixtures and everything in between, updating lighting is an important item on a home owner’s checklist when planning to sell a home.


Brushed or satin nickel finishes on lighting fixtures make a subtle impact when a prospect first sees MLS pictures and decides what homes to actually spend the time visiting.


Don’t be left off this list. Get rid of your old brass fixtures. What was once popular is now so out-of-date that it may make prospects focus on what else is out-of-date in the home.

Lighting changes the exterior feel of home as well as the interior ambiance.

Insider Tip: Check out the “commercial multi packs” available from building supply stores that cater to contractors.  These packs include new lighting fixtures for multiple rooms. They are aimed at builders who are installing fixtures for the first time in a new home, but when updating a home they are most useful. Many commercial packs also come with additional add-ons in the same style for such things as chandeliers and ceiling fans.

You want all of your lighting fixtures to have clean lines and create a cohesive look. A handyman can install the lighting for a standard three-bedroom home in several hours. Expect to spend about $500 depending on the size of your home plus the cost of the installer. The cost is very well worth it in positioning your home for a successful sale.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stager Sharon Brown is with Homescapes by Design in Roseville, Minn. Many of her clients’ homes sell at top market value within 30-40 days of listing after they’ve been staged.

  1. My room is quite boring, it does have a light, but it’s not that great. It doesn’t actually mean that I have to use some LED lights or something, a simple and wonderful type of light to give light on my room would be ideal. I really know

  2. Even though I am a professional remodeling contractor it took me a few years to realize how important lighting can be. For most people lighting is an afterthought. Now when I walk into a potential clients house I start to look at where the lighting can be improved right away.
    Generally speaking more is better. You never hear someone say..”oh there was just way to much lighting in that house”. Thanks for the nice article.