The Color of the Year for 2011

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  1. How can you know it is the color of the year when we are only two weeks into 2011? Really though beautiful color, might have a hard time selling my husband on it.

  2. Good point, Liz! Designers actually set the “color of the year” far in advance — they probably already know 2012 “in” colors! This way they can ensure that there are enough products in that color available during the year. Let’s just hope that not too many home owners catch on to this year’s bright, reddish hue, at least when it comes to more permanent fixtures in a home. Otherwise, next year at this time we might be expecting to be reading stories on “How to Fix ‘Color of the Year’ Home Disasters!” It’s a tough color to pull off when staging a home in more neutral tones to appeal to the broadest pool of buyers. But it does look like a good color pop for home accessories. I’m anxious to see some staging professionals photos on how they’ve used it!

  3. Mary Davin

    I love this warm 2011 color pop for accessories and accents only to enhance neutral walls, flooring or furnishings – very springy and summery – not for fall or winter though. It’s easier to change accessories and accents for the next new color pop for 2012 – can’t wait to see what it is!

  4. Holly Schwartz

    Love this color! It is a great way to soften browns, blacks and grays and commpliments while beautifully too. I am sure I will be using this in some of the homes I help stage so I’ll have to share photos of the hits! Thanks

  5. I LOVE this honeysuckle color! I can just see it in so many settings adding a spark to more neutral surroundings. Nothing like a beautiful, saturated color to spark up the winter doldrums while awaiting spring. It’s just like getting a new lipstick or hairstyle – it’s the little changes in life that sometimes give us the best lift!