Bonus Rooms and Man Caves: Make Something Out of Nothing

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  1. Hi Charlene…I think full beer bottles on Ice might have had a more real effective along with a 96″ Flat Screen tuned into a Soccer or other Sporting event..maybe even Drag racing with surround sound :O))

    Thanks for the tip, my parents used to create rooms without dry walling, maybe a new thing is happening.

    Congratulations of helping the Sale !

  2. Such a smart idea! When I produced shows for HGTV the common theme for guys was the man-cave or man-space. Today men dream of a getaway space in the home too – and while the decked out garage or deck or shed may have been popular years ago, now the man-cave is hot. I can’t tell you how many “House Hunters” wanted a man-cave. Women insist on this too because they want their souse/significant other to be happy. I LOVE the fact that you were able to dress the space for a 20-something male. When you are able to sell the lifestyle it makes a big difference.

  3. It is funny that I have not shot more “man caves” over the years. Is it possible that the bonus room just needed a cooler name?


  4. Awesome idea Charlene.. It would also rid girls off the beer banter that goes on with loud TV sounds when soccer games are on! The attic is usually the most under-rated yet advantageous places to let your interior design dreams go wild! Cheers for the great post! 🙂

  5. Ironhands

    If your future “Man Cave” has a nasty old suspended ceiling, check this out for the fastest room makeover ever!