Show Sellers How to be ‘Weekend Warriors’

By G. M. Filisko, contributing writer, HouseLogic

When it comes to making sure a home looks perfect before the sale, don’t overlook the exterior details. A sagging gutter here, a gutter with plants sprouting out of it there, and the sellers’ first impression is nothing but a missed opportunity.

Encourage sellers to tackle minor but money-saving or big-impact home upgrades over the Memorial Day weekend—like making fast gutter fixes. Show them how with the May “Weekend Warrior” bundle now available at the REALTOR® Content Resource, the new tool brought to you by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, where your NAR membership entitles you to download free homeownership content in your consumer Web site, blog, or e-newsletter.

The “Weekend Warrior” bundle includes tips on projects sellers can conquer in just a weekend like saving energy on water heaters. Here are just a few of the tips available now at the REALTOR® Content Resource:

Clear clogged gutters: Sellers can tackle the most common problem of all if they’re comfortable on a ladder, don’t mind getting wet and dirty, and don’t have an extremely tall house. It’s a matter of clearing the muck in gutters and then flushing them with a garden hose to make sure the water drains properly. To really impress potential buyers, sellers can even arrange for installation of gutter covers.

Straighten sagging gutters: Replacing faulty or missing hangers, which secure gutters to a home, is an inexpensive fix. Hangers can deteriorate over time or they can be spaced too far apart to support the gutters’ weight. Sellers can pick up hangers for $10 or less and fasteners for about $1 each.

If sellers’ gutters are gorgeous, share tips on exterior lighting, inspecting and maintaining their garage, and saving money on their water heater, all of which are also part of the “Weekend Warrior” bundle.

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