When Staging, Full Disclosure of Property Defects Is Essential

By Barb Schwarz, There is still a lot of misperception about what staging is, and these days, with Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, information spreads quickly. Each time I come across information that incorrectly describes staging I think of...
May 26, 2011

‘Let Me Tell You How I Work’: How to Create a Powerful Value Message and Why it Matters

By Barb Schwarz, You’re at a fundraising event when someone stops by and asks what you do. “I am an Accredited Home Staging Professional® or REALTOR®,” you say. Unfortunately, that description will not spell out the value you...
April 20, 2011

Understanding Staging Services for Seller, Agent and Stager

By Barb Schwarz, There’s been a drastic change within the real estate world just in the last few years. Competition in the market continues, and sellers and agents alike are working to find solutions that will make a...
April 7, 2011