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5 Tips to Staging a Winter Wonderland

By Myra Nourmand During the holidays, winter cheer is everywhere. Holiday carols fill homes, stores are beautifully decorated, and there’s a general feeling of joy as families gather and fulfill each other’s wish-lists. No doubt, people are in a...
December 10, 2012

Are you Staging Homes for the Holidays?

By Barb Schwarz, This time a year I am often asked by real estate professionals and stagers whether they should stage their client’s homes for sale in a special way for the holidays. My answer? Yes. It’s absolutely...
November 26, 2012

Should You Stage Homes for the Holidays?

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine The majority of real estate professionals encourage their clients to list their home during the holidays because, they say, the holidays can be a great time to sell a home, according to a...
December 19, 2011