3 Reasons Why Staging a Vacant Home Is Critical

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  1. Wow! If someone wasn’t a believer before, they certainly would be after seeing the before and after photos in this story. Amazing results! And 3 great reasons to stage!!!

  2. Couldn’t agree more! Great article

  3. Donna Welschmeyer

    As an investor, I’ve gone back and forth a lot about staging. I don’t have specific data that shows a staged home sells faster, but I certainly have anecdotal evidence that staging can indeed help potential buyers fall in love with a home. I agree with all the points made in this article (and I love my stager–she’s awesome)!

  4. Staging should always be considered, imho, no matter the state of the house, vacant or otherwise. It should just be an expense that agents acount for in their marketing. Beautiful before and after photographs.

  5. Gaga

    All truth! I fall in love with the homes not houses. People have to know how would that house look as a home….

  6. Gorgeous photos! It’s amazing how the right design can transform a room!

  7. Wonderful article and great pictures. Really illustrates the tremendous value of staging a vacant property. Thank you.

  8. A very nice run-down on home staging’s most obvious benefits. Why are some Realtors still not educating their clients on its popularity and importance?

  9. This is perfect. I love statistics showing the power of staging and the money you are losing when you don’t. Why have a home sitting on the market longer than needed. Great Article!

  10. Pat Sullivan

    Staging is definitely worth the time, effort and cost in selling a home.
    My daughter had excellent results after staging her home; it sold in a week close to asking price.
    Very informative article, Audra, one everyone should read before putting their house on the market.

  11. Marlys Simoni

    Couldn’t agree more. Staging brings life to the room.

  12. Great Info! If you didn’t believe before you will now.

  13. Absolutely true! Every word, an empty house has a very slim chance in letting a perspective buyer connect emotionally. But give that buyer some pretty accessories and well suited furniture placed just right and voila! You have them!

  14. Even in a hot market, the correctly staged home has an advantage over a vacant home or a non-staged occupied home. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words these days; they are money in the bank!

  15. This article makes 3 great points- it’s amazing the impact staging can have on any home. If I had come across those photos before staging on an online listing I would have NEVER considered the home. The photos after staging really do make the home look warm and inviting. I’m sure the home owners were very happy with the results of that sale!

  16. Tia Dillard

    Awesome article! A must read for sellers as well as Realtors!

  17. Agree! well written and photos said it all

  18. Iris Iaquinta

    It shows only three steps, number two repeats but great article, thank you so much for sharing with us!

  19. Well said! With almost 20 years of experience in the design industry, I learned how many people are unable to visualize. Why leave buyers wondering, when you can’t paint the picture they want for them?
    When they wonder, what would this look like, they walk away. Vacant staging sells the lifestyle buyers want!

  20. Really great article although it would be more compelling if you also highlighted the benefits of professional photography and showed like for like photos. Imho

    Appreciate your articles!

  21. Susan

    Great article! The before and after photos say it all.

  22. Now they are a beautiful example of how staging works. It just makes sense for realtors and homeowners themselves to hire a Staging Consultant.
    Thank you Audra for your expertise.

  23. Clementine Bennett

    This article definitely showcases the importance of home staging! The room transformations are amazing! Great information!

  24. Wow! what a difference staging makes. There’s no question about it, a staged home shows much better than a vacant, empty, cold house. Staging is very valuable.

  25. Denise Newman

    Transformation is obvious. $$$

  26. Eric

    Good article, but it’s obvious that the before photos were purposefully dark and un appealing, only to have the staged photos be professionally done and properly lit.

  27. Katrina

    I totally believe a home sells better when staged. Love your points in this article.

  28. Emma Grace

    Wow Fantastic changes! Just the emotional changes you feel from one photo to the other. I would have to agree 100% staging is an absolute must if you want the best chance to sell your home. Thank you for a well written and information filled article.

  29. Ronnie G

    Second paragraph, after 1st picture…”professional” should be “professionally”. How come stagers don’t use pops of color in gray rooms? I continuously see whites and beiges. So very monotone! Give the people some imagination!

  30. Home staging represents new vision and new life for a space!!! It translates to success in the form of a quicker sale for the current client and encourages emotional connections for the new homeowner. It’s a must!!

  31. Well-written article !

  32. L Lindsey

    Very nice article. I think that most sellers believe Home Staging is a bonus but it is actually a necessity and can greatly assist in the sale of a home. I agree that most individuals are visual and have to see how they can use that particular space and Home Staging checks all those boxes!

  33. Helen Haskins

    I agree 100%-the before and after photos are amazing. You invest so much into your home so when time come to sell it well worth the cost to stage and receive on that investment. Great information-thank you.

  34. This was an absolutely excellent article! Well written the before and after photos are phenomenal.