How to Understand Home Staging Pricing and Proposals: Do’s and Don’ts

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  1. Professional home stagers are as much of a businessman as we all are. That being said, we should know better about cutting costs and depriving them of what they need to fully involve their expertise on this subject. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Well done! The staging is stunning. So, so important to stage.

  3. Staging a home is an integral part of selling. Professional home stagers make the process easier and faster. Thus, it’s important that we treat them as equals.

  4. Great article Audra … and love the before and after pictures. There’s no doubt a well-staged home will seller faster, and for more money. But, I might add some people already have nice furnishings, and just need a good eye to arrange it all properly and hide any clutter.

  5. Thank you ! This is top notch information and I’m really happy to connect with your great work

  6. Thanks so much Doug, Monica and Pam for your wise words and compliments! Paul I absolutely love what you said because you are absolutely right…Certified home stagers will usually always want “use what the home owner already has” FIRST to enhance the space greatly. They do this in simple Walk and Talk Consultations that cost the seller very little while giving them the critical objective, expertise to transform their own space.

  7. Thanks for sharing..

  8. one house with pretty furniture can make it looks very upscale.Undoubtedly!