Which Remodeling Personality Type Are You?

What’s your home improvement persona: The Sensible Improver, the Project Planner, the Reliable Renovator, the Visionary, or the Extrovert? View this infographic from the Home Projects Council to learn the five main home remodeling personality types.

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  1. Ahahaha, this was magical! The age categories were spot on, I could absolutely place myself and my father.

  2. So, what does it make me if I have no fear of any of the projects and am comfortable with them all?

  3. The Gen X have a list of weekend projects to accomplish.

  4. Very good infographic. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Curiosity drives millenials to become DIYers.

  6. There are some cool things anyone can do on the cheap.

  7. Boomers feel a sense of accomplishment doing DIY projects.

  8. I deal more and more with buyers that think a hammer is what Thor carries!

  9. Never knew something like this existed! Each is on point. Well-done!