Hot Home Trend: Double-Pocket Doors That Make a Statement

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  1. Great solutions for an open floor plan. I really like the all-white examples.

  2. Great for any design concept!

  3. Love the double pocket doors.

  4. Great space saver!

  5. Still close to open floor plans when pocket doors are tucked.

  6. Nice photos. Really a great way to add privacy to open floor plans.

  7. I recently stayed at an AirBnB with pocket doors. They were shockingly good at dampening noise and light; I was sharing the space with friends to return to one of our alma mater’s games. What a great way to save space!

  8. What’s great are the different pocket door styles that will compliment your existing home style.

  9. Great photos for inspiration.

  10. A lot of homeowners are gonna love this new trending concept. What a way to leave the competition in dust!