2018 Home Trends to Guide Your Staging

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  1. Sienna

    From everything I’ve read, the hottest trends are “smart” home technology, and that old standby, curb appeal. Both help make a great first impression, either in an online listing or when the prospective buyers arrive. To complement this advice, also put some focus on their imaginations: how can you get them to imagine themselves living there. Try staging vignettes that express (and sell) the house’s lifestyle, and use objects and color to bring just the right life and balance to each room. The article https://www.homelight.com/blog/diy-home-staging-tips/ has a refresher on these parts of staging, including color rules and other helpful suggestions.

  2. Open floor plans top the survey for single-family homes. This means that more people want engagement and conversations.

  3. Cool color palettes for cozy ambiance will dominate every space.

  4. Voice control devices grow in selection every month.

  5. Planters for backyards and front yards will complete the curb appeal.

  6. Versatile, open floor plans will always be considered.

  7. Open concept has dominated recent years. I am interested to see what interior color schemes will change in 2018.

  8. Younger demographic to dominate the market means a wider variety in staging trends.

  9. Open floor plans and outdoor additions are great to utilize every space.

  10. You can never go wrong with going green.

  11. We’ve been seeing a lot of home designs that use cool colors like the ones you stated here. Everyone better be ready to ride this wave!

  12. Caliente by Benjamin Moore was just announced to be the colour of 2018…here is a Colour Styleboard to showcase this hot red and show you how to use it as accents in other rooms of your home.