Hot Home Trend: Black Is Back

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  1. Patty

    Nay! I like some black but this is too much for me.

  2. Guess black is never really out, right? haha But I love it how decorations are getting so modern with the use of it!

  3. Black DOES go with everything.. Another benefit is that stains are much harder to notice and its easier to cover up damage.

  4. Yes! Something to break up the 100% white finishes or grey that is still going strong.

  5. Black is elegant as long as it is not overused. It’s a good match for elegant furnitures!

  6. I love it. Such a clean look when used in moderation.

  7. Black can definitely be hit or miss! But for some things, like in appliances or backsplash, I tend to like it. It hides stains and smudges really well!

  8. Did it ever leave? I mean with the advent of black stainless appliances? It’s my favorite. I wouldn’t change. All things old come back as new. Nice to be part of the trend once more.

  9. Out for the gold and in with black this 2018!

  10. Something about black really gives that sense of sophistication in a home, especially when used in moderation.

  11. The appeal of black kitchen appliances is timeless.