Hot Home Trend to Watch: The Two-Toned Kitchen

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine

Two-toned colored kitchens are gaining popularity this year. White and gray painted cabinets are dominating kitchen color schemes, according to the 2017 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Particularly gray-toned kitchen cabinets are seeing a surge in popularity lately.




Other colors are getting mixed in too, adding a little more pizzazz to kitchen design. For example, the surrounding kitchen cabinets may be white and then the center island may feature gray cabinets. Or, white cabinets may be on the top and then gray cabinets on the bottom.



Other materials are getting mixed in the kitchen too.  The combinations, however, are mostly muted and simple. “Clean lines with no fussy moldings or trims,” one NKBA survey respondent said. “White kitchens are never going away, but I’ve recommended mixed countertop materials, mixed cabinet colors and frequently use lots of light/dark materials for contrast.”




That said, for the more daring, blue or black-toned cabinets as well as high-gloss finishes are gaining popularity in kitchen designs too, according to NKBA’s survey.





Melissa Tracey

Melissa Dittmann Tracey is a contributing editor for REALTOR® Magazine, writing about home & design trends, technology, and sales and marketing. She manages the magazine's award-winning Styled, Staged & Sold blog.

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  1. I’ve been seeing this trend more often here in Nashville, Tn. as well. Great article!!

  2. Beverly Carlson

    Note the word “trend.” Trends come and go. If you are looking at selling your home anytime soon don’t paint kitchen cabinets two different colors, because it is too taste specific and kitchen cabinets are more of a chore to repaint. Also painting two different colors will make your kitchen look smaller rather than larger. Then there is the gray trend. I don’t understand the infatuation with gray tones particularly in a kitchen. Stainless steel appliances are already a gray tone. No more gray is needed in the kitchen. What are you trying to do – depress the cook?

  3. The designs were awesome I was thought to re design my kitchen I like the most number second because in a picture it looks very simple


    Gray and white are currently the trend colors preferred by buyers. I’m selling real estate now. Every one of these kitchens are beautiful just like today’s young buyers want.. Homes with kitchens like these, and houses painted gray with pure white trim sell for more money and sell faster. Currently buyers hate yellow, blue, green, beige… and jewel tone accent walls… so if your selling, it isnt about what color the seller or Realtor like, if you are a seller or Realtor and you want to sell the quickest and for the most money, PAINT GRAY AND WHITE… period!

  5. The all designs are superb! I like the last one most and I will consider it when I gonna redesign my kitchen.

  6. I know a lot of buyers would be interested to see this in a home. A well-designed kitchen can make all the difference between a sold home and a home for sale.