The Best Homes for ‘Porching’

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  1. The South Carolina porch (Palmentto Bluff) with the columns is inviting

  2. The best homes for porching IMO are either true classic Southern wraparound porches or craftsman bungalow style porches! Whether you like reclining in a nice adirondack or a rocker, there’s something timeless about the design.

  3. I learnt about the importance of porches in a home, while completing my PHD Case Study Help, and I totally agree, the comfortable vibes it gives outside a home is attractive.

  4. Nice porches! A must have in every home!

  5. Homes with awesome views should learn how to capitalize on this advantage by applying this so-called “porching”

  6. The porches with wooden floors look awesome! Definitely a favorite spot!