Staging Tips for Small Rooms

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  1. Excellent ideas for making the most of what you’ve got. Interesting furniture placement in the living room photo – space from walls to sofa and chairs with lamps flanking the windows. Colorful bathrooms seem to be the trend regardless of size so thank you for writing “white” as the optimum color, as well as colors to avoid. Great post!

  2. Excellent advice on the bathroom. Not only does white paint open the space, but using semi gloss can additionally brighten the room by reflecting light, along with making it easier to clean. Plus, as you pointed out, there is a physiological aspect to consider. The ‘clean’ look of white is perfect for the bathroom. Well thought out post.

  3. Really an excellent blog to share. This is always an issue with the small rooms or kitchens that how to design them to make them look better. Thanks for sharing some tips regarding the same. Keep sharing such blogs