Most Popular Bathroom Trends for 2017

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  1. Cindy

    Hi. I love the idea of a walk in tub like seniors use. I’ve seen one with a shower door so a shower handle could be used. Perfect for smaller homes too!

  2. None of the above would satisfy me in the bath. It’s all just a trend that a designer put together to lure people to make an unnecessary change. The south western look in tile colors is the most soothing and has not been around long enough to be tired of. I hope people don’t fall into the “designers’ trap” and think that the above examples would enhance their bathrooms. They are all very distasteful in every way.

  3. Bathroom can be made attractive by some amazing designs, furniture or some great color combinations. Thanks for sharing some amazing tips to renovate our bathroom and make them more beautiful.

  4. I like Ceramic tile idea…they truly enhanced the beauty of the bathroom.