Room with a View: How to Accent Your Listing’s Stellar Outdoor Views

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  1. This room looks great. I really love the look with the plantation shutters!

  2. All great advice! I struggled for ages with how to update the look of a dismal back concrete patio. Turns out a few cheap outdoor rugs from Target to add color and dimension and some border pavers really helped. You never know what you can do!

  3. Great tips!

  4. Greg

    I agree that shades can help to frame the windows/views. It’s also great when it can be functional for example I think with smart appliances becoming more mainstream having remote controlled drapes or shades is something that might be pretty nice to have I found these but there are many options available and I think that on top of looking nice they add convenience.

  5. Highlighting the main points and strengths of your home for sale is a great way to appeal to more buyers.

  6. Great write up! was wondering if you could help us with your knowledge and experience, we are stuck at the moment to choose between a good looking blind and external roller shutter, i have pasted the website in the website section that we are talking to at the moment, if your view do you think adding a external shutter will cut the curb appeal, we live in a tiny country town with great views. Grandmother and mum always lived with a traditional blinds installed for our homes, hubby says we should get a shutter but not sure if its takes the character off the home.