Prefab Housing: What It Really Is and Why You Should Care

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  1. I personally love prefab homes. Every year I visit the Dwell on Design show in LA and there are always a few companies showing off their latest modern prefabs. I would get one in a heartbeat!

  2. Prefab homes also have another perk: they reduce labor needs for builders. In my area, there’s a big labor shortage, especially for more specialty-builds. As the lack of labor draws costs up, looking to prefab designs is often just a win-win. Factory-made elements are I think, much better for the guys actually providing the labor. Pre-fabrication sites often result in less accidents and injuries, and probably add to quality of life. Not needing to travel to dozens of job-sites or work in the elements… I’d take that, any day.

  3. Jacqueline Balcells

    On average, what are the cost benefits to the buyer?

  4. Along the lines of “what’s old in new,” let’s not forget Sears & Roebuck which sold approximately 70,000 Home Kits from roughly 1908 to 1940. And no, this is not where we get “Craftsman.” Craftsman is/was a name assigned to their tool line and had nothing to do with homes. In case anyone is interested, you can read the history of the “kit home” at – Quite an interesting read; and do check out the prices which were quite high for the time period.

    Thanks Melissa! I keep coming back to your blog and am never disappointed!

  5. Great for busy buyers of new construction.