The All White Room. It’s a Trap!

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  1. I remodeled a condo which was on the bank of Corpus Christ Bay, 9th floor, stunning sunset views, orange, pink, lavender, sea green, turquoise, sometimes purple. I told my designer I wanted to bring those colors into the rooms without anyone noticing what I had done. The ceiling was a white with a teenie bit of mint green, the walls were a white with a teenie bit of peach, a white with a teenie bit of pink. What happen was a feeling, no one could quite figure it out, how when the sun began to set, the walls picked up the subtle hues of the sunset sky and the changing greens and blues of the water. It was incredible, because the walls were all white…or were they?.

  2. I agree! There are a hundred of ways we can use white in every space, but don’t overdo it.