View the Same Property Staged 3 Different Ways

By Saghar Setareh, CoContest guest contributor

How can you know the best style for staging a property? After all, you’ll need to satisfy home buyers’ various style tastes as well as make sure you’re showing the property in its best light.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, we wanted to see just how much the point of view in staging of properties can vary. We asked for designers to upload their take on one floorplan at the CoContest website. All designers staged the same room, but recreated it differently based on their own style and taste and interpretation of the client’s request in the contest.

The challenge: This modern apartment in Connecticut needed to be renovated, in a way to enjoy the artwork during the gatherings of family and friends.


Photo courtesy: CoContest

Design 1: Classic Vibe


Designed by Decolite Design

This room offered up a more classic appeal. The designer Decolite Design used a crystal chandelier for the main lighting, colonial furniture for the main living room, black chesterfield sofas with white armchairs, and a large, white rug. The artwork is also from the classic period. The pallet of colors is black and white, and a piano along the wall also helps to complete the look.

Design 2: Bold Artwork


Designed by Marta Valence; Photo courtesy: CoContest

This designer Marta Valente above used bright and saturated colors in the artwork to compliment the two dark sofas and white and mustard color chairs. In order to add a more modern and industrial look to the space, a wooden table with metal legs was brought in. To complete this look, the wall has gray bricks and there’s a colorful buffet in stripes along one wall.

Design 3: A Modern Touch


Designed by BIVIO Architettura. Paula Godoy & Celia Cardona; Photo courtesy: CoContest


Designed by BIVIO Architettura. Paula Godoy & Celia Cardona; Photo courtesy: CoContest

Another designer BIVIO Architettura. Paula Godoy & Celia Cardona used very modern furniture from the late 20th Century, puffs, and large paintings to work as a separator. Texture is also used in the modern furniture and couches to match the abstract paintings on the wall. Low, coffee table and cushions are also part of this look. But the most distinctive feature of this project: The vertical bars that divide the living room in two separated parts.


These are only three design ideas from many, that present the property in three, completely different styles, made possible to imagine how the property would look like, with a convenient price.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Saghar Setareh is the Content Manager of CoContest, the first crowdsourcing platform for interior design and architecture online. She is an enthusiast about home decor and all forms of design.

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  1. Wow! The differences of design are incredible! If not for referencing the location of the windows, I would not have believed these were (even) the same space.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. I agree with Karen, pictures and angles make all the difference when selling your home.

  3. Dorothy Philipps

    In staging with a specific furniture style (traditional, transtional or modern) the seller is taking a chance that the look will turn off a buyer who cannot imagine his own furniture occupying that space. The room with staging which leaves the most to my imagination (lots of space, uncluttered) will be the most appealing to me as a buyer.

  4. Classic Vibe: My favorite style wise but, furniture too big for the space and too dark. Positioning of the furniture was done correctly.

    Bold Artwork: In my opinion, out of the three, was the hardest to stage. A keen eye would have done 2 cozy sitting areas, split the room in half and out all of the artwork on 1 wall and done ultra modern with white furniture.

    A Modern Touch: This room is the largest of the 3 and I would have placed Industrial furniture centered for gatherings in the room leaving the perimeter open; with this concept you leave the admirer’s free to walk the perimeter of the room. Plenty of natural light, you do not need to add additional lighting above the windows. The lighting budget should have been spent to light each individual art piece.

  5. Staging, photo angles and lighting can all make a tremendous difference when presenting a home to sell. Online photos should generate enough interest for someone to view the home. At the end of the day nothing replaces seeing the home in person

  6. This is incredible! Very eye opening to see multiple options. Check out my site to see more home staging. http://www.couturestaging,ca

  7. Ellen Reilly

    Love the article! Next I would love to see a designer re-create a neutral room three different ways based on the preferences of three couples and see how it changes the look of the room.

  8. Amazing how different the three look. I like the camera angle on the Modern Touch.

  9. Were all these done using virtual staging? It looks so real! I used to be a skeptic about using virtual resources to stage homes; I felt it got too close to misrepresentation, especially if the sizes aren’t taken into account. But this looks so good I might have to reconsider!

  10. I would love to see a designer re-create a neutral room three different ways based on the preferences of three couples

  11. We see how far virtual staging can go!