Judge the Landscape Beyond Just Curb Appeal

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  1. I love your infographic. Many folks don’t realise how valuable grass is when it comes to our carbon footprint. A beautifully manicured lawn speaks volumes about the overall care of the property, so it’s great to highlight its other fine attributes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tammy

    Please be more careful with the way you present information in these blogs. 🙂

    When you state in a post that landscaping increases the homes value by as much as 17%, you set up the expectation by homeowners that improving landscaping will increase the APPRAISED value of their home.

    Let me say, as a certified residential appraiser, this expectation is not realistic. As we all know, EVERYTHING is market specific. What adds value in one market can have NO benefit in another.

    As for landscaping, even though it can be very expensive, it is not uncommon to not increase the appraised value of a home. It can add appeal and marketability, which may cause your home to sell in a shorter time than a comparable property, or may possibly affect the list to sell ratio (in other words, help it sell closer to the listed price) with all other features equal between your home and a similar competing home.

    I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, this concept is what you were trying to convey in the post ; that it can help your home to sell closer to listed price thereby increasing the seller’s net overall.

  3. This is a no brainer! A beautiful home with a well maintained landscape really matters.

  4. Definitely an indication of a successful sales. Never forget the photos!