Need to Get Your Seller Packing? Moving Tips to Get Them Moving

Does your listing need decluttered? Get your sellers packing ahead of their move. Take a look at this helpful infographic from this British self-storage company Storage World that breaks down the entire moving process for your sellers.

Moving House: packing, moving and storing like a pro by Storage World.

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  1. I know how important staging a house is in having a successful sale. I have been real estate for 48 years. Staging was always something I encourage home sellers to do!
    I found many of the tips you offered as new to me.

  2. Thanks for the resources. I will be moving here in a few weeks and these tips are extremely valuable to my currently.

  3. Start packing early. To make the job manageable, begin boxing up the items you use less frequently—like books, knickknacks, or seasonal items—a few weeks before your move date. Save everyday use items until the end.