6 Ways to Get Your Listing Ready for Photos

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  1. Great tips! I would add that calling a professional home stager should be an integral part of the marketing process for listing a home. A real estate photographer should not be expected to stage or offer advice while on site to photograph the home. A tips sheet is great but a seller needs to be motivated and feel empowered to do the work necessary to get their home market and photo ready. It often takes a lot more time than they think. I could have the best camera ever & even with an instructions sheet unless I took the time or training necessary I still likely wouldn’t take great photos. The right professional should be hired for the right job. I have an amazing relationship with the real estate photographer I always recommend to my clients and together we are making our client’s listings stand apart from the competition.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I’m in Property Managment but do want our photos to be great. In the past, I have not given the property owner a list of items that would make the photos look better.

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  3. OH soooo important tips, Julie! As a professional home stager and design consultant, I partner with local Realtors to assist homeowners in getting the house “photo ready” for market.

  4. It’s really important to keep it simple. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on features potential buyers may shy away from. You also have to remember that not all investments will pay off when it comes to selling your home. While you may LOVE your $10,000 custom range, a potential buyer may not see the excitement. One thing we recommend is changing out old cabinets. They are an eyesore, even (especially) when paint and countertops are beautiful and new. If the cabinets themselves are functional, but have a shabby appearance, consider having them refaced or refinished.

  5. I would also take advantage of the new panoramic apps availabe for wider views on the home exterior and livingroom, kitchen, and family room. . I have been real estate for 48 years. Staging was always something I encourage home sellers to do!
    I found many of the tips you offered as new to me.