Move Over Man Caves, the ‘She-Shed’ Is Gaining Popularity

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  1. Beautiful ….but expensive. ..?

  2. Martell Dansie, Equity Real Estate

    I think some women would be offended by this post. They don’t want an expensive impractical doll houses from their childhood dreams. They want practical functional spaces that they can work on their hobby, interest, or money maker without having to share that space with anyone else.
    Over the years I have had many clients that have talked about having their “cave” or “shed” and it was never a playhouse for enjoyment it was always a space to call their own so that they could do their “thing” and not be disturbed by being in the thick of family life.
    This is a great idea that I think we will see more of in the future as more work and hobbies come home.

  3. Why do women have to be relegated to a shed??? I would rather have the living room…

  4. Carolyn Reilly, Mercer County Assoc of Realtors

    I think this is the perfect answer for a family with a small home with limited space. At first, I wondered why the man gets an “inside” cave and the woman has hers outside. But, conceivably, the husband could take the outside cave and she take the inside. I certainly wouldn’t mind having my own “She-Shed”!!

  5. I think it is terrific!! I wouldn’t mind a quiet place with an overstuffed chair to relax and read.

  6. Roki

    I think it was invented a long time ago… It’s called a “potting shed” to be used for all creative outlets. Tsk.