5 Golden Rules to Home Staging on a Budget







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  1. This could have been a great article; however, since it is only images it is hard to read. Secondly, Neutralize, de-personalize, and gender-neutral do not help sell homes, contrary to everything that the staging associations have long supported. Color sells, a buyer needs to connect and is often shown that connection through using personal items that relate to the targeted buyer, and why use outdated concepts such as those mentioned. A targeted buyer buys a home, not the masses and a home should never be staged for the masses. It has proven to be a disservice to both home sellers and buyers. Be sure to hire a stager that knows how to work with color, owner belongings, and everything about a home’s marketability.

  2. shelley ward

    Sebastian, I couldn’t disagree with you more. Nothing has been proven that staging does a disservice to the home seller. Quite the opposite, in fact. Color does not sell, especially that blood red accent wall in the dining room!

    My only critique of this info graphic, aside from a few staging details that I don’t necessarily agree with, is that there are numerous typos. Obviously it was not proof-read before publishing.

  3. Staging helps give the property an opportunity to be viewed at it fullest potential. Buyers do not want to see how someone else lives, they want to see how the home can look when they are living in it. I agree that any effort put into staging a home will benefit the seller and buyer in the long run.

  4. Absolutely love this article – thank you so much! I am sharing.