The Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts in Home Staging

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  1. Sheila Murphy

    The photography in this article was used to make the pre-staged photos look MUCH worse. Even the darker bathroom countertop was photographed lower to make the undiscerning viewer think that staging made the biggest difference rather than the photographic angle.

  2. Radha Rayasam

    I agree with you Sheila Murphy. People aren’t dumb. Not good & convincing before and after pictures.

  3. I hired a painter to remove ALL the wall paper and re-paint in greys and creams. I hired a Prof. Stager who was amaizing. The home had sat on the market for 3 YEARS prior to my getting the listing, I did these few things, touched up the landscaping and the home sold and closed in 45 days! The buyer’s even wanted to purchase the staggers furnishings! It makes all the difference!

  4. Bette Abrams

    Looked like everything was a major renovation from before and after…in my opinion, not a good example of staging. When I stage I try to work with what they have , especially if they don’t have much of a staging budget.

  5. Great article Patti! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Janna

    i agree the photography makes a huge difference. The key to selling a hard-to-sell home is good staging and a good photographer. Many agents cheap out on the photography and it is such a make or break for showing a home.

  7. Sandy B.

    Most buyers do not want painted cabinets–especially white. Rich, warm, medium-dark woods are still highest demand and look the richest. Throw rugs, throws, towels and owners’ possessions are distracting. We want to see the house; not the sellers’ stuff. I like vacant best. That way you see exactly what you are buying!

  8. Here is a great book to help you with your photographing and staging needs. Simple steps to more clients and more deals.

  9. Bob

    Its says don’t invest in remodeling, but isn’t that what they did in the pictures ? New flooring in the first picture, new lighting, says paint your house. All that will add up quickly. Also, the pictures are much better and from more revealing angles in the after pictures.

    I do see many pictures that the seller shot on an iphone and put on their website, many not good. You can hire a local photographer (with a real camera, not a phone) for only a few hundred who will come shoot the house and grounds, edit them, and email you the pictures back with in 1 or 2 days. It’s worth the wait.

  10. Jennifer Toothman

    Great article. Loved seeing that Lisa is from Newtown. My mom is from Newtown and went to Sandy Hook Elementary. My cousins remain in the area.

  11. The intent of this wonderful article is clear, but it’s polluting the data when you say remove the clutter and there’s new hardwood floors in the “after” picture.

  12. I agree that many of the before pictures are dark and make the after pictures look more impressive, however, paint and updated fixtures are not considered major remodeling. Old wood cabinets are not desirable, so painting them is a simple fix to update them. Empty rooms don’t sell houses- it is proven repeatedly that furniture helps buyers determine the size and scale of a room and give them something to connect with in the space. Ms. Stern’s business is successful because she knows what she is doing!

  13. mary

    They did not install new flooring Tuney Haige — article said they removed old carpet to reveal the wood flooring beneath !

  14. I agree with all the things listed above especially no 1 and 2. Great blog by the way and thanks for sharing!

  15. Home staging is the climax of the home selling process and should be considered as such. Everything should be in order to guarantee that it will be a success.

  16. Home staging is an integral part of the home selling process. It is where your potential buyer will decide whether or not to move forward with the purchase. If you’ve got everything prepared, then there’s no need to worry!