5 Design Trends You May Want to Avoid in Staging

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  1. Being a home stager there are way too many trends to keep up with when helping someone get their home ready for sale…bottom line, organize, clean & follow the rules! Making someone’s home ready for others to see is always difficult…you will never make everyone happy…this is an interesting job, meeting many new people, seeing many homes & just helping everyone to get the home of their dreams!
    Thanks, Pat

  2. Sue

    Brass is definitely not back in. Earth tones mixed with hues of spa colors, rubbed bronze & satin nickel fixtures, eclectic pieces of furniture with comfort and warmth in mind. No wallpaper – just a nice flow of fresh air colors. Mix it up, repurpose. Wood pieces of furniture for accents painted with a pop of color mixed with natural wood pieces. Light and airy panels on window ends to finish off a look but bringing in the outside. French country is really a great look that many buyers love. You can mix all this up and come up with a fabulous look that intrigues many buyers today.

  3. Spot on! Good points, Melissa!

  4. The secret to a successful staging? – appealing to the demographic and psychographic of the buyer . . . and, of course, making thoughtful changes that are never too taste-specific.

  5. Keep it clean, organized, spacious, simple and work to appeal to a large audience.

  6. Sherri Campbell

    It’s good to keep abreast of the current trends. Keeping it fresh, bright and free of too many items is always a good start.

  7. Oh my – no shiny brass please. It’s runs in the same vein as mixing several types of granite/marble/stone in the same room. It’s true money can’t buy taste, and the more personalized the taste, the smaller the buyer pool for the property.

  8. These are some great tips! We make sure that all of our investors follow a similar set of parameters before renting or selling their investment homes.