Will Stainless Steel’s Popularity Ever Be Dethroned?

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to seeing a return to white kitchen appliances. White looks very sanitary, is completely neutral and pairs with every cabinet style. Stainless is industrial looking, not inviting and marks easily. I’ve never heard anyone look at white appliances and time stamp the period of design.

  2. Dave Mays

    Built-in appliance with wooden matching panels to the cabinets IS the ultimate successor to stainless steel. Subzero has been leading the industry for years….and they’re based out of my hometown, Madison, WI

  3. Love the ice-glazed in the photo! I agree that stainless steel are very industrial looking and do show every single spot or smudge. I’m happy as long as we don’t go back to the avocado, mustard, or blue colored ones!!!

  4. I am kind of a rebel in that, if it’s popular then I want something else. I don’t like to be controlled as what to like or not to like. So anxious for the popularity of stainless appliances to fade away. I am hoping that other more affordable appliance companies will follow Viking in adding color selections. Big Chill has some fun ones.

  5. Lisa Ellingson, Prudential

    Love the stainless and the Slate. I don’t personally care for the new ice-glazed.

  6. Martha Smith

    White appliances yellow with age…nothing yuckier. I like the new ice white and the glass fronts may prevent yellowing. I think slate would be the way to go…low upkeep and half white/black…totally neutral like the stainless …BUT you’d be married to one brand! I will stick with stainless for now. I used to love black but it now looks plasticish next to stainless.

  7. Loved what Martha Smith said! That’s what I hate about white appliances. But the white ice looks promising!

  8. I love the “slate” appliance look and I am not a fan of ice glazed.

  9. I think stainless will be around forever in high end homes, but it has already been dethroned in the middle class homes. Aluminum runs wild in middle priced homes in South Florida, and many people still believe that they are getting a stainless producr.

  10. George

    Although stainless has a clean look to it, it’s industrial looking and feeling. It wasn’t that long ago when only restaurants used these finishes. I happen to have stainless, glass (clear on top with white backing), and wood paneled appliances in our family homes. My favorite for cleaning would be the white glass (kitchen aid) cooktop. It’s a breeze to clean and looks crisp white and bright even after many years. The stainless is nice as long as you don’t touch anything.. The stainless cooktop is the one I avoid cooking on if I can since it’s harder to clean and can scratch as well. Wood facing has the warmest look on a fridge and dishwasher.. They look just like a cabinet, but you can’t get a cook top in wood obviously. I do like the white ice, it’s a nice mix of white with the stainless accents. I suspect it will become popular.

  11. Great article, I agree, I don’t think stainless steel is going to be going anywhere anytime soon.