Stage it With Shine: Add Some Bling to Your Spaces

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  1. Melissa – I agree that gold and silver metallics can provide a nice pop, especially in combination with contemporary decor. Here is a recent project we did where this is the case.


  2. Dawn

    Yes!!! Love Silver and Metals as accent colors in a home- many times they are unexpected- and it takes some guts to go for it and bring it together. The payoff is well worth it as the effect is very often just what you need to have potential home owners say WOW! upon entering the space!!

  3. Love it when I see metal brought into living areas and bedrooms! One of the stagers I work with regularly mixes all sorts of accessories into homes including this master bedroom:

    It’s so warming and welcoming, and really grabs the buyers’ attention when they walk through!

  4. A photo says it all. Definitely, you need to stage no matter how decorative you may be, your taste may not be what potential buyers like.

  5. A well staged home with the right colors can do wonders for the overall appeal of the home. Butter like colors can add warmth in any season