Welcome Back the Front Porch

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  1. We LOVE a great front porch!

  2. Love the Traditional example by Wilmington General Contractors and the Beach example by Cornado Design-Build Firms. They look so cozy and inviting for a cup of coffee or a drink after a long day at work. Now the real question is, would I actually use it if I had that nice of a porch? 🙂

  3. Front porches are a great way to get the most out of the daylight depending on whether you get the morning or evening sun.

  4. We just purchased a lovely Florida home with a front porch! It was never my idea to have one but now that we do it makes for a wonderful option to our back screened patio to enjoy our fabulous weather all year round with a different view! I sell Real Estate here and we do not find that many front porches, but they are a pleasure.

  5. Welcome back Indeed! My local market has long been characterized by it’s strong sense of community. A perfect summer night is spent sipping Iced Tea on the front porch enjoying the company of neighbors, as the kids play in the yard!
    Turn off the TV and get to know each other. You never know when you may need to borrow a cup of sugar .

  6. I remember the front porch as a place to relax with a cool drink on a hot night before air conditioning. It was also a great place to play, out of the sun, with friends who came by. So glad they are coming back!

  7. I’ve always loved the HUGE front porches you’d think of in an older southern home with the ceiling fans and all. In our area, (Minnesota) the builders we work with are putting some sort of a front porch on nearly every home, buyers are asking for them for sure. I guess if you don’t have a front porch you could always do what my grandparents did (along with the whole block) and sit in the garage, ha, I never did understand that:-)