The Hottest Outdoor Trends for 2014

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  1. charles

    Best part of outdoor living space is that you can make it whatever you want it to be. Click for design tips for outdoor entertaining and lighting (for safety and appearace)

  2. My neighbor put in a putting green in their backyard. Those have really come a long way in recent years. It is beautiful! They got so inspired by the turf that they later did the whole backyard. Very smart in our drought-ridden area.

  3. Outdoor Living Rooms are popular hear in Bradenton/Sarasota Florida -Everyone Dreams of A place in nature that is magical, restful and relaxing – your own vacation away from home, while still at home!

  4. Mike

    Pavilions are also a trending outdoor structure because they are bigger than gazebos and pergolas, which gives you more options for your seating, furniture and other outdoor amenities. They are open like pergolas are, but have the benefit of a roof like a gazebo. Pavilions aren’t just for parks and public places anymore.

  5. Elden Dean

    I have patio about 10×15 with no roof and am putting my house on the market soon. How could i make it look restful and relaxing. But not too costly.

    Elden Dean Realtor

  6. Ɍeally revealing….looking forward to cokming back.

  7. I could not resist сommenting. Perfectly written!

  8. I stumbled on this post in 2017 and it is amazing how many of the 2014 top hits are still valid!