7 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

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  1. When showing houses, a nice new glass shower gets a completely different reaction then an older tile one. Clients love them.

  2. Martha Dinsdale

    I wouldn’t even consider a master bath without a tub…a big tub.

  3. Marilyn Glendenning

    I have a very small shower that needs updating and a large, adjacent tub (not Jacuzzi). I am considering removing the tub and converting the tub footprint to a large, luxury shower. The old, small shower stall space would be made into additional storage as the closets are small. Would appreciate advice?

  4. These are all pretty, but I do agree — need a master bath with a tub!

  5. Linda

    I love the second third and fourth one.. my bathroom has pink tile with burgandy on top and bottom it was done probably in or around 1942 I wish I could afford to update it .. it has a big tub.. old one I like the tub but always take a shower.. its one of the old cast iron tubs not with the claw feet..

  6. Betty Sayad

    Marilyn, Your idea for the bathroom sounds great. I would consider the impact if the tub you are removing is the only tub in the home. It could limit buyers when it comes time to sell. In my personal opinion, you won’t regret the big shower!!

  7. Elsie leib

    I have a large tub would like to remove and have a large walkin shower is it ok to not have a tub in the master bath?

  8. Susie

    We are in the process of removing our tub in the Master bath. They are sooooooo dangerous. I LOVE the first photo! That is exactly what we are going with!

  9. tang, gexin

    My buyers all wanted to have a tub in master bathroom. I have not had a single buyer who did not want a tub in the master bathroom.

  10. Justine

    These trends are more functional and modern then other trends. I was looking to remodel my bathroom and America’s Best Bath helped me to do that. http://bit.ly/1kilZf9

  11. As a buyer’s agent, I find so many of my clients have contingency sales – I always suggest if any money is to be spent in staging and selling, to update fixtures in the bathrooms, first. What a great article

  12. Desiree

    We just remodeled our master bath. It had a tiny shower and a large garden tub that we didn’t use in our 5 years of living here. I was concerned about resale if we removed the tub, but decided to go with what I wanted… which was a big, luxurious shower and NO TUB (there is one down the hall in the guest/kid’s bath). Hopefully we won’t regret it later, but for now, we LOVE our incredible shower!

  13. Tricia

    I would not consider a house without a tub, preferably a clawfoot (nice and deep), but at least something suitable for a nice long soak.

    I’ve shown houses that just had showers in the master, with a tub in the secondary bath, and had buyers comment that they didn’t want to go to the secondary bath in order to take a tub bath.

    This must be a regional thing, if it is indeed true.

  14. tkaz

    Can’t live in a house without a tub…it’s like real estate blasphemy.

  15. Vlad

    great job! but from great bathroom you need great tub! look it on aquatica

  16. I am a fan of the way a bathtub looks in a bathroom but I can’t remember the last time I actually took a bath. It doesn’t surprise me to see that they are showing up less and less. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Ahhh, I totally love the all white bathroom with the glass shower doors! Looks gorgeous!

  18. Braywills

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    And will definitely gonna redesign it in this way.. 🙂

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  21. Radhika Vyas

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