When Selling a Home, Don’t Forget About the Garage!

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  1. It wouldn’t hurt. At least removing the junk would be my minimum recommendation.

  2. The first place many of my gentlemen buyers check out…so true! Sellers need to consider this preemptive strategy!

  3. brett Sorensen

    Using a garage as a storage unit is a expensive substitution, keeping it clutter free
    and clean is priceless in a sale.

  4. Thank for the sharing. The most amazing part about this post is, “keep your gardening and workshop tools organized by installing pegboards on the wall. It’s an easy DIY project that will add bonus storage space.”

  5. Minnesota buyers love their garages, 3+ car garages are not uncommon here. Homeowners need space for their cars, boat, ATVs, and snowmobiles.