A Look Back: Best Home Design Trends From 2013

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  1. mary stringfellow

    what is the flooring on the first picture from Salem Photograher- Tess Fine?
    is it wood or tile or faux wood and what would the pattern be called?
    it is under the wood block table in the kitchen feature.

  2. Denise Natoli

    Hi Melissa
    A while back you did something on staging the home to sell quicker. Its so very true what a difference staging can make. There was a booklet attached to your blog but now when I click on the link I no longer see the booklet there. Could you possibly forward the electronic version of the booklet to me? I think it is an invaluable tool to present to a client, especially those that think they know it all.

    Thanks very much.

  3. Hi Denise – I believe you’re referencing the study by the Real Estate Staging Association. Here’s a direct link to the guidebook detailing the study’s results:


    Or, here’s another way to access it via the Real Estate Staging Association website and its “Consumer Information” tab:


    Melissa Tracey

  4. Hi Mary –
    I was trying to find the name of the flooring on Houzz, where the photo was featured but unfortunately it isn’t listed there by the photographer. However, commenters on the site were speculating that the flooring is a ceramic “wood stained” tile placed in the herringbone pattern.
    I hope that helps!
    Melissa Tracey

  5. I love the look of butcher block counters in kitchens or on an island as pictured above. This is a trend I hope stays through 2014.