7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly X-Mas

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  1. LED lights not only save energy being more earth friendly, they also last a lot longer so it’s worth the extra money to purchase them rather than having to buy new Christmas lights every year.

  2. Cecelia Siebrecht

    Thanks for the tips; however…………………..
    WHY call them X-Mas tips.
    I object to the use of that word.
    Remember it is Christmas…the annual………
    the Christian annual celebration of
    the birth of Jesus.
    Thank You for noticing the real

  3. Blog Contributor

    Hi Cecelia,
    This is Erica Christoffer with REALTOR Magazine here. Thanks for your feedback on the abbreviation of the word Christmas. I thought I’d point out that the use of the letter X actually comes from the Greek alphabet where X is pronounced “chi” and Christ’s name is spelled Χριστός. Also, a bit of word history (I’m a word geek): mas in the word Christmas is Old English word for “mass” as in church mass. Here’s some info from dictionary.com’s blog: http://blog.dictionary.com/xmas-christogram/
    Happy Holidays!