Home Trends to Get Bolder in 2014

What will be “hot” in home interiors in the New Year? Plenty of designers are offering up their predictions, and here’s one outlook from Neil Kelly Co., a remodeling firm based in Portland, Ore.

Neil Kelly Co. offers up some of the following interior design trends for 2014:


Embellished showers: Showers are becoming more popular than tubs, and one feature growing in popularity is the curb-less shower.


U-sockets: These wall plugs have two built-in USB ports to power up devices, such as iPhones, digital cameras, tablets, and more. U-sockets also have a smart sensor that allows it to automatically shut off when the device is fully charged.


Stand-alone bath tubs: For those home owners who still desire a bathtub, the free-standing tub is growing in demand. It takes up less space and also serves as a structural element to dress up a room.


Seeing blue: Bright colors are “in,” particularly cobalt blue. Expect to see it more in the new year, even in the kitchen.


More modest decor: The industrial modern decor look was big in 2013, but Neil Kelly Co. designers expect that style to be more “relaxed, classic, and modest” in 2014. Stone, metal, and wood will continue to be popular, but the designers expect that rounded designs with earth shades and raw metal finishes to become more prevalent in interiors in 2014.


More multigenerational features: More multigenerational features will be incorporated homes to help better accommodate more people living under one roof, such as aging parents and boomerang kids. For example, features like wall mounted sinks for wheelchairs, walk-in bathtubs, and motion sensing faucets are expected to grow in demand.


Eco-friendly cabinets: Earth-friendly cabinets that are chemical-free and do not have added formaldehyde and non-toxic glues, binders, and finishes will likely increase in popularity.

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  1. I like bold colors. However, I’m hoping we don’t see a repeat of harvest gold, rust, and avocado appliances from the 70’s

  2. Thanks! Great information on what we can expect to be the latest in home builder trends and redesigns.

  3. Love the cobalt blue. We have a listing in northeast Ohio with a bold red double oven and range that are before their time but the time has arrived where these colors are welcomed, instead of the white, black or SS. Color is in! David

  4. We’ve definitely seen a larger demand for multi-generational homes in Wilmington, NC, so it makes sense those features will increase.

  5. I love the U-sockets…so smart and an efficient use of an outlet.

  6. carmen negron

    How do I find an honest contractor?

  7. Carrie

    I’m so glad to see that Stainless Steel in out of date in appliances. I love the AGA and Viking stoves and especially the deep blue colors.
    I love the walk in showers that are at least 5 X 5 feet and have both ceiling rainshower and side shower fixtures. No glass enclosure is brilliant. Or at least just a division glass with no door to bother with opening and closing.
    I like a kitchen that has space for comfortable seating and is an open space. We’ll have to remodel completely to get that done at our summer home.

  8. Almost every kitchen remodel that we have done in the last 6 months has asked for U-sockets. We are even refitting these things all over the house. Such a great idea! You should make sure you get the ones with enough amps to quick charge both your iphone and ipad.

  9. I’m excited for the return of modest decor. Modern looks pretty but personally I feel like I can live in a “relaxed, classic and modest” style home. Sometime modern seems untouchable to me.

  10. Love all the shower idea’s.! We have no tubs, just large showers with a bench. I’ve been an agent for last 20 plus years and have found so many people hate tubs and all the cleaning issues. If you have any limited physical issues – showers are a blessing and of course as you get older, just getting in and out of tubs is so hard for many people. Great idea’s for looking ahead at new construction and remodeling idea’s.

  11. I’m surprised smart appliances didn’t make this list given the advent of Nest, Revolv, Sonos, Hue, Kevo Locks etc.

  12. My family loves incorporating technology in the home for personal and business use. The U-sockets are cool. What about the Nest for smoke detectors and thermostat control? Greener kitchen cabinets will be welcome in my future kitchen remodel along with ShelfGenie drawers and space saving cabinetry.

  13. It all looks great. I have always liked the curb-less shower look, it is popular in Mexico. Brilliant idea about the wall plugs.

  14. Thank you for the informative article. This is spot on, I’ve seen many remodeled kitchens in the Twin Cities that are following the trends mentioned in this article. The more subtle overall designs, with punches of color through appliances, looks great. Nest and other smart home upgrades are being used as well. Looking forward to my next redo!

  15. Looks great! The bath tub looks very unique and goes really well with the room 🙂

  16. Jeff Wuensch

    Great article! We been treating the whole bathroom as a wet room and there is no curb at the shower area great for wheel chair access. I’m excited to start implementing these ideas’s in 2014.

  17. Interesting article. Love the embellished showers and I love color, but wonder if the colorful appliances will “date” the home more quickly. The U-Sockets are a great feature.

  18. Great information we can share with our clients & builders. Keep it coming.

  19. Love the sleek new cabinets, but still love stainless the best.

  20. The U-Sockets are brilliant, I need to get a few of those installed immediately, and my wife would love appliances to match her Kitchen-Aid mixer.

  21. Such a great article you shared. Curb-less shower look fabulous & it’s popular in Guam. Such a brilliant idea about the wall plugs.