8 Kitchen Trends for Remodelers

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  1. I have a few comments. I have hardwood floors and if you have an eat in kitchen or a sliding door off the kitchen to an outside pool or hot tub, they discolor very quickly especially in the grooves. They also scratch up from the chairs at the table or countertop being pulled in or out. I have seen many homes that have granite countertops that have a film around the faucets that they can’t seem to get out. Do you have any opinion on the kits they make for you to make your counter look granite? I agree with going eco friendly and the nuetral colors.

  2. Hardwoods are great for most areas except transitions. Last house I custom built had a tiled area @ all sliders. Granite wins as a solid surface on all levels except cost. If you are a kitchen cook and baking priority family then it wins hands down. Stove top or oven diect to granite no issues…..

  3. @Terry – I agree that wood floors are much harder to maintain in the kitchen. Of all the kitchen remodels that we have done this year, I have only had 2 that asked for wood flooring. I think the whole upkeep thing makes most folks afraid to put wood in the kitchen. It is hard to believe that 35% of Houzz users prefer wood in the kitchen. We just don’t see it on our end.