How Staging Can Eliminate Buyer Confusion

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  1. mike harbert

    It’s always nice to use the camera shot for BOTH photos. Using enhanced lenses and perspectives has nothing to do with staging except as a deception. What do they do with all the discarded stuff ? ? Just dont open that garage door.

  2. The professional photos help make the scene look much better too.

  3. Lori

    Great article on understanding the importance of staging to sell,quickly and for more money. Professional photos make a difference as well!

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  4. Mike, it is called a storage unit. You place unused items in it until you are ready to use them again. I don’t understand why you think it is deceptive to change the rooms back to their original purpose. I believe that putting your home in its best light is a good tlhing!

  5. Home staging is very helpful because it clearly shows to the prospective buyer what space inside the home is capable of being used for.

  6. Sellers must realize how badly needed staging is.