The Big Question: To Renovate or Rebuild?

Submitted by Blu Homes

The housing stock is getting older in many parts of the country, and more home owners are facing the need to make drastic upgrades. In some cases, home owners are facing an even bigger decision, such as whether to tear down and rebuild a new home.
The following infographic from Blu Homes, a builder of prefab green homes, provides information to help home owners reach a cost-effective decision on whether to renovate or rebuild, including even how to recycle your old home and ways to incorporate green features too.

Renovate or Rebuild

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  1. I say rebuild. Who wouldn’t want a brand new home!

  2. Agreed that pre-fab homes is the way to go. But until the price per square foot comes down less than constructing a new home the “old school” way, it will not take off fast enough. If a Pre-Fab home could be made that meets all the Codes and Enforcement including Earthquake of each City and is available at less than the average price per SF, there isn’t anyone who would not want one including ME>

  3. What a great infographic. Being experienced with “flips” I think the rebuilding vs renovations depends on current condition of property. It is really important to know the costs and time-frames as well as having honest contractors on the job… so it’s all in the numbers: What really do you want and can you afford it.

  4. I’m just happy to see more and more good information pertaining to infill redevelopment spread through the media.

    Lots of good stuff here…thanks 🙂

  5. John Kelly

    Rebuild !! is nothing like a good stick framed Home
    You know exactly what you’re getting an easy to make changes

  6. Home owners (and the agents who advise them) should consider local property tax implications when evaluating the question of whether to renovate or rebuild. In our market, tearing down & rebuilding almost always results in a significantly higher assessed value…. which means higher taxes annually. Many owners (& buyers) want to avoid that long-term expense and prefer renovated older homes which offer “new construction” amenities with lower taxes.

  7. I would only rebuild if the house is unsafe. But if the house has that old rustic look and can be salvaged, that can make for an amazing turn out!