5 Ways to Avoid a Plumbing Disaster

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  1. Maria Hughes

    Here is some helpful information for homeowners.

  2. Vanessa Vendera

    It’s good you mentioned not to pour oil, grease down the drain from cooking. I already knew not to do that but a lot of people don’t realize the damage it can create.

  3. Very good points of information avoid leakage and disaster in Plumbing system. We should follow these points focused in this blog. People normally thinks that no need to waste money in repairing plumbing system but we should concern about our plumbing system.

  4. This is a great source of information and tips on how to avoid a pumbing disaster. Broken pipes, clogged sink or toilet can definitely be a problem and can cause a fortune when doing repairs that’s why it is important to prevent these things from happening. It is much better to avoid a plumbing disaster rather than spending money on repairs.

  5. Are there some ways to check the house’s plumbing condition?

  6. Hello Everyone,

    Informative post. These tips can stop you from paying for plumbing damages. It is more practical to spend a little money on preventive measures rather than hire a contractor to repair or replace your entire plumbing system. Thanks to sharing it…

  7. Some problems can be avoided, many nightmares are inevitable, especially if you have old or poorly installed plumbing. Even so, there are steps you can take to either head off problems before they begin or minimize the chaos once it starts to unfold.

  8. If you are working on a sink in the kitchen, it will be wise to remove the basket strainer first. If you have double or triple-bowl washbasins, you also have to put duct tape on the other drains.

  9. Before starting any plumbing project be sure to turn off the main water supply. Water damage can be one of the most expensive things to repair.

  10. In the kitchen, avoid putting any grease or other food waste down the drain. Only use the garbage disposal for things that it can safely break up and run the faucet at the same time as you grind the food. This will ensure that it completely breaks down whatever you place inside before it is flushed through. Grease in particular is a major problem in pipes as it coats the lining and other items can stick to it.

  11. These are some great tips to avoid a plumbing disaster. I keep reading your posts and I really found it helpful

  12. Thanks for the information regarding various plumbing problems like broken pipes, clogged sink or toilet and how we can rectify all such problems by doing some repairs. These information are really helpful and will continue reading your blog.

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  15. Good tip with knowing where the main water shut-off valve is. It is amazing the number of homeowners who do not know where this is located.

  16. Great informative post with some important tips to remember! Good for all home and business owners

  17. I can vouch for the water heater replacement advice. I replace at least 5 a week because they are not maintained properly.

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