Home Trend Watch: Upsized Homes on Downsized Lots

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  1. I think this is a trend in bigger cities that are more expensive to live in. Downtown San Diego is a great example of this trend. The outdoor amenities are plentiful for everyone to use. Larger living space and indoor amenities are what people desire and are willing to pay for. Great article.

  2. Jeannie Spell

    Great article! Same in Baton Rouge, La

  3. Jim F

    I’ve seen this trend before. I live in an area of 2300-3000 sf homes mostly on 1/2 acre lots. I think a bigger, yet unseen trend may be multi-generational groups within these larger homes.

  4. great artilce.nice to read this kind of article. thanks for sharing this artilce with us.

  5. Interesting to hear about the upside homes!! Good blog!