Could Your Listing Use a Stylish Update?

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  1. I love the before and after picture. This will be an easy way to show my sellers how much more appealing a room will be with out all thier “stuff” cluttering it up!

  2. The bathroom before and after article was outstanding! I just emailed the it
    to my daughter who who one bath home just like the article. She is going
    to sell, and I know your pictures will help her.

  3. Love the final product will keep this sample handy to show my clients when Selling a home in Las Vegas

  4. This is great to read, because it really is all about the first look.

  5. Chris Bennett

    Great article Patti, nice before and after pictures .

  6. This is a great subject. But even better, a beautiful bathroom turned into a better bathroom for selling purposes. The picture really brings to light what an agent needs the buyer to do. I just might create a photo album of great pictures that show how to stage or pre-pack for clients to see. What an awesome idea!